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Kaunas Region Waste Management Center
Pramonės pr. 4A, Kaunas LT-51329
Phone/Fax: +370 37 311 267
E-mail: info@kaunoratc.lt

About us


In order to implement agreement of Kaunas region municipalities to create unified waste management system, in the year 2005 the Kaunas Region Waste Management Center was established.

Activities of the Center cover effective waste management job in the area, which union six municipalities: Kaunas city and the districts of Kaunas, Raseiniai, Kaisiadorys, Jonava, Kedainiai.

The aim of the Center is to reduce the amount of landfills in the area. We pay big attention to municipal waste separation, recycling. By doing environmental education program, we invite people to join us to create better environment for living.